Parish Personnel

Father Anthony Axe, O.P.

The Parish Priest
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Fr. Anthony Axe was born in Yorkshire in 1944 and qualified at the De La Salle Training College in Manchester in 1965 as a teacher. After eight years teaching in Catholic primary schools in Doncaster, he was appointed headmaster of St. Cuthbert’s Primary School in Northumberland. While working there he studied for an Open University degree in Humanities and came across the Dominicans, the Order of Preachers, in Newcastle.

He joined the Order in September 1976 and subsequently obtained a theology degree at Oxford University (1979-1982) where his interest in biblical archaeology became apparent. In 1983 he studied for a year at the Ecole Biblique et Archéologique Française in Jerusalem, the prestigious biblical and archaeological centre founded and administered by the Dominican Order. On his return to England he was assigned to the now defunct Spode Conference Centre in Rugeley. During his time there Fr. Anthony obtained a masters degree in Near Eastern Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology in London. At Spode he also began leading an annual archaeological study tour, which still takes place.

He was assigned to the community in Edinburgh in 1986 where he began teaching a series of opera appreciation classes, which continued with increasing success until 2005. In 1993 he was asked by the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem to return as Professor of Archaeology. There he spent the next four years in charge of the archaeology faculty. Returning to Edinburgh in 1997, Fr. Anthony took up his work more or less where he left off. He became Prior and Parish Priest of St. Albert the Great, the Edinburgh University parish, in 2001.

In 2005, in view of the fact that Fr. Anthony had lived for nineteen years in Edinburgh, he decided it was time for a complete change. He was offered the Catholic Parish of Melbourne and Castle Donington in Derbyshire and Leicestershire and moved there on May 25th, 2005.

Reverend Paul Boshell

The Deacon
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Paul Boshell was born in Bristol and after completing his education in 1967 joined the Custom and Excise at the Bristol Custom House. He subsequently worked for them in Ramsgate, Southampton, Workington, and now works in Derby.

He married Anne in 1972 and they have two children, Paul who is an electrician, and Caroline who is a doctor. They have two granddaughters, Leah and Bethann, children of Paul and his wife Joanne.

Following a serious operation in 1991, Paul decided to put himself forward for the diaconate in recognition of the tremendous support that he received from the Parish during his illness. His diaconate studies commenced in 1993 and he was ordained Deacon by Bishop James McGuinness four years later, in November 1997, at Nottingham’s St Barnabas Cathedral.

The Parish Workers

The unsung heros

The Parish Council

The powerhouse of the parish.

The Parish Council consists of twelve members and meets regularly to discuss parish policy.

The Members of the Parish Council are: Chris Brookes (Chair), Grace Burton (Secretary), Jérôme Delannoy  (Vice Chair), Tom Baldwin, Kath Dingley, Bernadette Dooley, Margaret Greaves, Rachel Hallam, Helen Payne, Margaret Sutton, Margaret Warwick and Linda Wordsworth.

Anne Boshell is Property Manager and on the PPC ex-officio.


The Finance Committee

Formed to assist the Parish Priest in matters financial.

The members are: Catherine Arkley, Anne Boshell, Paul Boshell, Geraldine Hallam, Tom O’Connor, Philip Salaun, Brian Sutcliffe and William Kerr.


Child Protection Officers

Catherine Arkley and Claire Hickie.


Special Ministers of the Eucharist

These ministers assist at Mass in the distribution of Holy Communion and take Communion to the sick and housebound.

The Ministers are:

Melbourne: Grace Burton, James Glynn, Marie Glynn, Francis Hately, Maria Rowe, Kneale Walsh, Margaret Warwick.

Castle Donington: Caroline Boshell, Frank Gaffney, Margaret Greaves, Geraldine Hallam, Kathleen Murray, Susan Thorburn, Mary Webb.



These people undertake the important ministry of instructing our children for First Confession, First Communion, Confirmation and Children’s Liturgy.

The Catechist for the Sacraments: Rachel Hallam.

Catechists in Melbourne are: Meryl Baldwin (Organiser), Tom Baldwin, Bernadette Dooley, Marie Glynn, Clare Hickie, Caroline Lancaster, Chris Lancaster, Luisa Sutcliffe.



These parishioners proclaim the Word at the liturgy.

Our Readers are:

Melbourne: Tom Baldwin, Chris Brookes, Grace Burton, Donna-Maria Coulston-Shields, Kath Dingley, John Harrison, John Heffron, Francis Kerr, Marie Claire Kerr, Ralph Kerr, Helen Payne, Maria Rowe, Kneale Walsh, Elizabeth Winton.

Castle Donington: Catherine Arkley, Caroline Boshell, Alexander Coulston-Shields, Donna-Maria Coulston-Shields, Christine Gill, Margaret Greaves, Rachel Hallam, Ron Kessler, James Long, Ellen Mattingley, Kathleen Murray, Gill Neilson, Martin O’Dowd, Clare Saffell, Margaret Sutton, Peter Thorburn, Ann Watkins.



The parishioners who perform this ministry greet parishioners and visitors as they arrive in church.

The Welcomers are:

Melbourne: Tom Baldwin, Anna Brookes, Sylvia Bellamy.

Castle Donington: Kathleen Murray, Bridie Kelly.



Melbourne: Henry Wilkins.

Castle Donington: Julie O’Dowd.

Musicians: Christina O’Dowd, Ellen Mattingley,



Melbourne: Please ask if you would like to fulfil this role.

Castle Donington: Margaret Greaves.


Garden maintenance

Melbourne: Albert Milbourne

Castle Donington: Andrew


Church cleaners and flower arrangers, Fund raisers, Money counters etc.

As in any church community, the unsung workers are many and various but no less important.

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