The sound of the church bell had not been heard for over twenty-five years owing to the need for restoration.  Bob Smith, owner of the local bell hanging company, had offered some years ago to restore the bell, intending to donate his labour as a gift to the parish.  It was decided that the centenary of the founding of the parish would be a good opportunity to have the work carried out.

The church had not been painted within living memory and so when the scaffolding had been erected to carry out this essential work, the bell was removed for restoration.  It was taken away to Bob’s factory to be grit blasted, a process which removed all the accumulated grime and bird droppings from the last hundred years, restoring the bell to its original state.

After cleaning the inscription on the bell could be clearly seen revealing that it had been cast in Loughborough in 1907.


After being exhibited inside the church for a few days, the day arrived for the bell to be hoisted back into place.  On the morning of April 10th, 2006, the first day of Holy Week that year, Bob Smith arrived with his electrician to reistate the bell in its place under the apex of the gable at the church’s facade.